Follett bookstore pushes e-books

By Amanda Cruz-Lombraña


Follett Higher Education Group, operator of more than 900 campus bookstores across the U.S. and Canada, is bringing something new to the University of the Incarnate Word:  e-books.

Follett believes no single publisher, platform or device can meet the varied needs of students and faculty. This led Follett to allow student savings with various options, such as new, used, rental and digital textbooks accessible across multiple devices.

Currently, the UIW bookstore offers a variety of digital solutions, including Follett’s CafeScribe and Inkling digital textbooks.

CafeScribe titles provide savings from 40 to 60 percent compared to the price of a new textbook, as well as access to a variety of tools that aid student study habits.

“You can create a Snap Summary that compiles all your notes and highlights into a quick, all-inclusive study guide with one click,” said Haleigh Morgan, public and campus relations specialists for the Follett Higher Education Group. “Also featuring elements of social media, students can share their notes and ideas with fellow classmates or faculty all within their digital textbook.”

The bookstore also offers Inkling’s growing selection of digital textbooks, including popular titles. Specialized titles in the medical, MBA and scientific fields are offered as well. Inkling titles include features such as video, interactive assessment, animation, music, slideshows and 3D models.

Students have the option to purchase the entire Inkling textbook or the ability to “Pick 3”: a cost-saving alternative that allows students to buy just three chapters for a fraction of the price of a full textbook.

Digital textbooks provide a variety of benefits including deep savings, a lighter backpack, access to materials anywhere, anytime, the ability to read and study on multiple devices, and never [having] to deal with out-of-stock scenarios,” said Morgan.

Sustainability is well-served by digital textbooks. No paper, no ink and students can highlight and take notes within the digital version of the text, which minimizes consumption of those materials as well.

“We expect that more students will choose digital once they’ve experienced a digital textbook,” Morgan said. “One of the main barriers to digital growth is the fact that it’s still relatively new to students and faculty. Some customers choose print just because it’s what they are used to.”


For those who would like to try digital textbooks without making an official commitment, many of Follett’s CafeScribe titles are available to try for a free, no-obligation, three-day trial.

This way students can explore the tools (highlighting, search, taking notes, etc.) and get a feel for the reader experience.

The bookstore’s assortment of digital textbooks are available in-store and online via


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