First Fitness Frenzy whips up enthusiasm for future

By Queen Ramirez


Students participated in the first annual Fitness Frenzy held Nov. 15 in Richard and Jane Cervera Wellness Center as a way to learn more about fitness on campus.

“Fitness Frenzy was a first-time event, which showcased fitness and wellness classes to expand the knowledge of fitness opportunities and varieties for UIW students, faculty and staff,” said Scott LeBlanc, director of sports and wellness.

At the center, students could walk into the event, sign in at the desk and participate in fitness sessions such as cycling, core and toning group exercises, seated fitness, and yoga.

“I like that it helps build a community that cares for wellness,” Beli Ponce said.

During the event there were opportunities to learn about heart rate and exercise, and what rates are considered exertion and resting. There was information shared about not only the importance of fitness for individuals, but for the family as well. Students also met the fitness instructors.

“[In the future] our goal will be to offer this event each semester to increase and promote fitness and wellness awareness and opportunities,” LeBlanc said.

On the walls of the center hung posters created by undergraduate and graduate students with support from faculty. Participants could read the information between sessions.

Because this was the first Fitness Frenzy, Nellyvette Gonzalez-Martinez, who organized the event, says some aspects could be improved. In the future, she would like Fitness Frenzy to be an all-day event so students enrolled in Dimensions of Wellness classes could participate.

Gonzalez-Martinez said she also plans on promoting the event more ahead of time.

Two Dimensions of Wellness classes participated in the event and one class of health promotion majors. The most participants in one session was 43 people.

While there was not an anticipated turnout, planners prepared for 200 participants.

From the event, the goal was for students to become better aware of fitness courses offered at UIW as well as build relationships between students and instructors. A survey was given to participants for feedback for the next Fitness Frenzy.

One participant, Amanda Burgos-Claudio, said the event was “cool. People get to connect in a different way. You know that you are not the only one who struggles.”

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