Dean: Hi-tech gates to improve access to library, media center

By Amanda Cruz-Lombraña


  J.E. and L.E. Mabee Library will be installing new security gates before the spring semester that will allow students easier indoor access to the media center and library, the dean said.

The new gates will secure all three floors, which will uplift the restrictions, allowing students to access the elevator and enter the media center without walking around the building, said Dr. Cheryl Anderson, dean of Library Services.

The gates also will be placed in the media center allowing for an accurate calculation of the amount of traffic entering and exiting the building.

The new RFID Technology will be installed after the fall semester. The gates will be purchased from the Bibliotheca Company. The high-tech gates allow for an easier yet efficient inventory of the book collection that will both alarm and notify when and what book has been taken.

“It’s been a group effort in retagging all the books in our collection to work with the new technology,” Anderson said.

The library has an inventory of more than 280,000 physical items. A total 27,105 items were checked out within the last year, not including 2,728 items received through interlibrary loan. The library statistics show a steady increase of the facility since 2009.

“A possible future for the library might be to purchase a kiosk allowing (a) personal checkout/in system,” said Anderson.

Tiffany Lopez, a junior nursing major, said easier access will open up new doors to the library.

“Many students do not realize there is a media center,” Lopez said. “The new indoor access will allow fellow Cardinals to utilize their library services to its full potential.”
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