Comedian tickles Cardinals


By Noel Herrera


Laughs, tears and fears. “Saturday Night Live” veteran comedian Dean Edwards covered all the bases and more with his act Thursday, Aug. 23, in Marian Hall Ballroom.

“Fellas, is anyone in here wearing skinny jeans?” Edwards asked. Incarnate Word men responded with whoops and screams. “That’s a man?” Everyone cracked up, especially when Edwards imitated running with skinny jeans on.

The Student Government Association and Office of Campus Life brought Edwards to town, putting him up at the Courtyard by Marriott on Broadway where many UIW upperclassmen are staying due to campus crowding.

The comedian shared a little of the spotlight with the students of UIW as well. Edwards became comfortable with the crowd at once, embarrassing anyone who left, came back, came in late or was on their cell phone. Students were perfectly fine with it though. They interacted right back, talking to him about their majors and campus life.

As for Edwards, he poked fun at several targets, including his observations of several music stars.

“Lil Wayne sounds like — you know like when your stomach growls, it’ll be like aaaaahhhoooh…,” Edwards said. “Drake seems sad all the time. Hey, Drake! Cheer up,  man! It’s gonna be OK. And Nicki Minaj is schizophrenic all the time!”

The crowded ballroom screamed with laughter.

Edwards related to the crowd easily. Because he’s from Brooklyn, he said he understood college students like rap a lot. He shared that he went to community college for a short period of time while in the Army Reserves, ultimately choosing his comedy career over both options. He said he’s proud of UIW students being in a four-year college instead of community college, encouraging Cardinals to keep pushing because it’ll pay off in the long run.

Edwards also said his wife, who is British and Jamaican, is an educational success story. She has her doctorate and is a tenured professor.

“I’m so proud of you!,” Edwards said he told her. “We got tenure! Then she’s all, ‘Whatcha mean ‘we’?”

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