Clinton ‘more prepared’ for presidency

john-barton-1By John F. Barton


Though not the agent of change Bernie Sanders promised to be, Hillary Clinton is more prepared to be president of the United States than any candidate in this election cycle.

Clinton’s resume is extensive. She gained national attention as America’s first lady in 1992 but her qualifications did not start there. Clinton started her fight for Americans at the Children’s Defense Fund where she helped children with disabilities get a proper education in the 1970s.

She has continued to fight for families, and children, in particular, ‘til this day.

Clinton has spent the last 30 years in public service. Donald Trump has raised the question of what she has done in those years. Well, she served as a U.S. senator of New York from 2000 to 2008 where she made sure the city directly affected by the 911 attacks got the help it needed.

She also fought for farmers and small businesses in her state, even going outside the government when she needed to get help for the owners of these businesses. Clinton started partnerships with several big companies and colleges to find the resources vital to her constituency.

She brought the same innovation and toughness as secretary of state.

A firm believer in diplomacy, Clinton worked to repair America’s tarnished reputation throughout the world by visiting more than a hundred countries to get the job done.

When needed, Clinton brought the might of America with her and she was not afraid to swing the hammer. When the world needed to put Iran on notice, she dealt them the sanctions that brought them to the negotiation table.

As President Barack Obama stated at the Democratic National Convention, “there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America. Hillary’s been in the (situation) room; she’s been part of those decisions.”

So, what are Clinton’s plans for her presidency?

She wants to eliminate the debt students incur during their education. She wants to reform our tax system so everybody pays their fair share. She wants to take on our biggest enemy — global warming. And she wants to keep us safe from our other enemies.

Clinton’s plan for higher education is an idea taken from Sanders’ platform – to eliminate tuition for in-state, four-year public colleges and universities for any family making $125,000 or less by the year 2021. This plan will immediately take effect for those families earning less than $85,000 a year.

The fact she can work with opponents, such as Sanders, is a quality America should embrace, and Clinton has proven time and time again she is willing to reach out on her side and the other of the aisle.

Clinton also wants to take our upside-down tax rates and make sure the wealthiest 1 percent of our country does not pay less than the rest of us in taxes. She also wants to close the loopholes that Trump and other billionaires use to keep from paying their fair share.

The biggest enemy humans are facing is climate change. Clinton wants to continue her fight, battling global warming as president.

To fight global warming she will implement a $60 billion challenge for our state and local governments to partner with the federal government to invest in clean energy and cut pollution. She wants to aggressively invest in renewable energy and create real employment opportunities and careers in this field.

Clinton is no stranger to terrorism either. She was instrumental in bringing Bin Laden to justice. She has proven to be tough with Iran. And she wants to continue to defeat ISIS.

Clinton wants to continue to work with our allies in the Middle East. She also wants to begin new relationships, continuing to strengthen our new relationship with Cuba, which can also deter some of Russia’s plans in that country.

She is no fool when it comes to Russia, and she will continue to stand tall against them and China when need be. Her use of diplomacy, when backed by Americans, has proven an effective tool for our safety at home and abroad.

When faced with the two major candidates we have in this election, who do we want in the Oval Office? Clinton, who has been fighting for Americans for 30 years, or Trump?

Clinton has been tough and innovative when achieving the results she has worked for. She’s been making sure more Americans have health insurance, and that small businesses are not run over by big corporations.

She was a vital ally to President Obama during the fiercest recession our country had seen in almost a century.

Clinton has fought for Americans. But she’s done much more than that. She has fought for decent human rights throughout the world. That is why she should be the next leader of the country that had the tenacity to start a government on the principle that all men are created equal.


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