Chorale showcases talents at ‘Evening on Broadway’

By Katie Bosworth


The Cardinal Chorale entertained a crowd with a spaghetti dinner and show at its annual “Evening on Broadway,” for the first time Nov. 8 in McCombs Center Rosenberg Sky Room.

Students acted as servers and entertainers throughout the evening. The performances varied in style and genre, ranging from classic rock to modern pop. Besides musical entertainment, two of the students performed as belly dancers.

One of the two belly dancers was Berenice Chavez, vice president of the Chorale.

“We wanted to add a mix or variety to the entertainment even though music is the focus,” Chavez said. “Music is a form of language and we wanted to share a different type of language with the audience.”

In the past, the event has been held in Marian Ballroom. Having the event in a bigger venue set the bar high for the event.

“The sound quality in the Sky Room is incredible,” said Chorale member William Timmerman. “We were able to fit more people and it has more of a welcoming feel,”

Chavez agreed.

“The event is definitely better in the Sky Room,” Chavez said. “It made people more excited about it and I am just glad we were able to keep the tickets the same price as last year. I was nervous about performing the dance, but I was more nervous for putting on the event, making sure everything runs smoothly.”

For the change in venue, “there was a lot more pressure,” Cardinal Chorale President CJ Dukes said. “We scheduled the date and booked the Sky Room in June and throughout the past months and weeks, we have collaborated with ideas for setting up the space.”

The chorale was able to use the entire space including an area for food, tables for the guests to sit and enjoy the evening, a stage for the students to perform and a table set up so children could color during the performances.

Dukes said he wanted the space to be set up in a way that all the students could work in their field of expertise.

“There’s a kids’ corner for music therapy students to interact with children, music engineers get to work with the sound system, (and) people with a concentration in performance are able to perform,” said Dukes.

Dukes said he wanted music majors to be able to see what it’s like at the finish line, what it will kind of be like after they have earned their degree.

He also wanted to have the event in the Sky Room to show the university what the music students can do.

“The reason why I wanted to have the event in the Sky Room is so the school can realize that a fine arts building is a necessity. We are making do with what we have; teachers are working as hard as they can,” said Dukes. “The school has taken too long to give us the tools to grow. We need a proper building to practice and study facilities. I wanted the event in the Sky Room to set a new standard for the group and school, to show them how hard students work for their degree.”


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