Chi Phi offers ‘True Gentlemen’ at auction

By Shelby Knight


Thirteen Chi Phi fraternity members at the University of the Incarnate Word auctioned themselves April 7 to raise money for their favorite national charity, the Boys and Girls Club.

Entertainer-auctioneer Anthony Brown had guests and participants laughing hysterically during the two-hour, True Gentlemen Auction event in Marian Hall Ballroom.

Each brother in the auction had to promise providing a service within a year’s time to the winning bidder. During the proceedings, Chi Phi provided light snacks and refreshments. Guests were greeted warmly at the door, asked if they were

spectating or participating, and given a numbered card.

Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Sigma Alpha and Delta Xi Nu sorority members watched and

laughed as the gentlemen of Chi Phi auctioned themselves off. The event included two mystery contestants, who were not introduced until the very end of the event. Both seemed to be crowd favorites, and it was a nice twist to end the auction.

Senior Ernesto Guajardo drew the highest bid — $85 — from winner Samantha Alecozay, president of the Crimson Cigar Club on campus. She also won two other brothers in separate bids.

“It’s always a great time,” Alecozay said about the annual auction. “It’s always a lot of entertainment and people are happy. I’m glad the money goes to their philanthropy. Overall, it’s always a great experience.”

Guajardo, who is graduating, said he’s going to miss being in the auction.

“This started three years ago when I pledged, and I’m glad I’ve been able to be in all three of the auctions,” Guajardo said. “I’ve enjoyed my time during the auctions. The activities we do for the winners are always fun. I really wish I could have been here for a fourth one.”

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