Cashnet system aims to cut long lines at business office

By Aisha Rodriguez


The University of the Incarnate Word’s business office is implementing an online system called Cashnet to help students avoid long lines and manage their accounts.

Cashnet will help address many of the issues students have with understanding their account information and managing payments, said Nora Cadena, business office mRed Mascot Superimposed Over US Dollar Billaanger.

Cashnet, accessible through Bannerweb, will allow students to perform an assortment of tasks such as set up payment plans online, purchase commuter meal points, pay testing fees and view or print past and current billing statements.

Students also will be able to set up accounts with Automated Clearing House (ACH), which will allow them to make automated payments through their bank accounts instead of just through credit or debit cards. This also will help make refunding processes more efficient.

Students will be able to grant parents or other financial providers permission to access their accounts. This will allow them to view and make payments when needed.

“This system is really advancing what we’ve been able to offer in the past,” Angela Williams, an application support analyst, said. “It’s also an initiative to make this office ‘green.’ We’re not going to be using as much paper because e-bills will be provided online.”

This new system will support e-mail notifications, letting a student know when a bill is ready for viewing. Students and others authorized to view the account also will be notified through e-mail five days prior to when a payment is considered late. This will remind students when a payment is due, as to avoid late fees.

“The system creates the needed reminders for students and families,” Cadena said. “A lot of students are already programmed to check their student UIW e-mail because that is our main source of communication with them. Students and families have busy schedules and we’re trying to make things more convenient.”

Cashnet also can be used to pay for social events. Students interested in participating in campus events can register online and pay the necessary fees.

“We’re trying to add as many things as we can,” Williams said. “You can pay fees online, print out your receipt and save time avoiding long office lines. It’ll be accessible anywhere you can get on Bannerweb such as your smartphone or laptop. It’s really going to be multifunctional.”

The new system will have “clean and clear information,” said Cadena. It will even provide for an online shopping cart, to keep track of all the purchases a student plans to make. Credit or debit card information can be saved online, making the payment process quick and easy.

“The customer service is going to be great,” Cadena said. “We’re going to be able to provide service the way our students and our families deserve to be serviced. I’m looking forward to the system going live this in February.”

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