CABChella gets good reviews at debut

By Megan Garcia


Music, arts, food and rides drew a crowd to the first CABChella Wednesday, March 25, on the parking lot outside Barshop Natatorium.

Sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, the event was a replacement for CAB’s Cardinal Carnival held in recent years to cap annual Incarnate Word Day activities.

CABChella is based on the music and arts festival, Coachella, held in Indio, Calif., since 1999. The festival typically lasts a weekend, and provides performances from popular artists and singers. Because of Coachella’s success, this inspired CAB staff to hold a similar festival.

“We decided to have our first CABChella here at UIW because we wanted to add more music that college students like and give everyone that Coachella vibe,” said Victoria Escamilla, a business marketing major who serves as CAB vice president. “We are excited to host this event because it’s something different from what we’ve ever done before, and we’re trying to upscale our activities as much as possible.”

CAB wanted to include an eclectic genre of music. This year’s lineup included the Lucas Jake Band, rapper Jeremy King, Zeke and Zoid, DJ Chuy (a communication arts major at UIW) and KUIW, the university’s online radio station, among others.

Aside from the multiple sounds of upbeat, catchy music, CABChella offered the Super Slide ride, Twister, and rock climbing. The thrill and adrenaline rush of these rides made students hurry back to the line and get back on them as soon as they could.

Also available to students were popular treats, Mangonadas and Fresandas, an icy, soft sorbet in a strawberry or mango flavor topped with chamoy, a Mexican sour syrup, and sour chile powder. These treats were provided by the local dessert parlor, Frozen Friday’s, just a few miles away from UIW on Hildebrand.

CABChella also encouraged students to explore their creative side by providing arts-and-crafts booths, such as a booth for decorating flower headbands, a temporary body art table, a photo booth, and a section for decorating a personal bandana.

The nightlife at CABChella was favored by many due to the bright strobe lights, the neon colors of the glow sticks, and the loud, lively music that gave CAB-Chella the feel of an outdoor concert.

From freshmen to seniors, to sororities and fraternities, UIW Cardinals appeared eager to attend this event and show their support.

“I love the variety of music and just being surrounded with other students who are having a good time,” said Brianna Bustillo, a junior communication arts major. “It’s a great time to get together, unwind, and just take a break from the hectic school work.”

“It overall was the perfect treat for the end of a busy, stressful day,” said sophomore Nicole Garcia. ‘This was definitely a great CAB event, and I would absolutely go to the next CABChella.”

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