‘Brigid’s Garden’ highlights Headwaters

By Sarah Ruan


  More than 18 months of photographic work in the headwaters of the San Antonio River adjacent to the University of the Incarnate Word went into the art exhibit, “Brigid’s Garden.”

 The exhibit, featuring the teamwork of landscape photographers Carra Garza and Vincent Mariano, is on display 8-5 p.m. weekdays in Semmes Fine Art Gallery of Dougherty Fine Arts Building.

 The Blue Hole, the largest of many springs within the Headwaters Sanctuary, is captured in Garza’s and Mariano’s work. The Blue Hole is considered by most to be the source of the San Antonio River.

  “I am a naturist photographer,” Mariano said. “All of my pictures — taken here or there — they always relate to a disappearing world.”

 The photographers said they hoped through these photographs they would be able to introduce the distinctive beauty of the Headwaters Sanctuary although most of the springs they took pictures of have dried up. One of the visitors said she was happy to see these pictures because the public might never see such a great waterscape there anymore.

  Garza said she and Mariano chose the name “Brigid” to compliment the path on campus.

 “We want to bring it back to people there because they are the ones who are on the land, and they are the ones who conserve the land,” Garza said.

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