Bookstore Rentals

By Michael Meija


The bookstore’s Rent-A-Text program appears to be a success this fall, helping students save money from renting their textbooks rather than buying them.

“Students were pleasantly amazed when seeing that they had more than one option,” said Anne Richards, bookstore manager.

This has been the first semester the bookstore has offered this program which lets students rent out certain textbooks just as they would check out a video. The selection of rentable textbooks at the University of the Incarnate Word store is not as large as the selection on websites such as and But more variety already is planned for the spring.

The rental program appears to be a hit among underclassmen but slow among upperclassmen, who seem more comfortable getting their textbooks outside the bookstore.

“My friend rents from Chegg and told me about (it),” said sophomore Alexandria Vargas. “For me, I felt safer getting them from the bookstore because I knew they would be the right ones. I bought five books and rented one, because there was only one that I was able to rent.”

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