Barbecue beckons passers-by

By Jenifer Jaffe

and Barbara Trevino


A Heritage Day barbecue was held at the University of the Incarnate Word on Wednesday, Oct. 5, on Dubuis Lawn as part of the celebration.

The event, cosponsored by the Office of Campus Life and by Sodexo, featured Sausage on a stick, hamburgers, roasted corn, smoked turkey legs, chicken fajita tacos, smashed potatoes, chips, and soft drinks.

“Heritage Week is celebrating all the different cultures that are represented here at the university on campus,” said Cindy Limones, an administrative assistant for Sodexo, who helped set up the function and served food to students and faculty. “We’re going to celebrate with food.”

A few students said they did not mind paying for the food while others opted out of buying food to save their money.

Junior Stan Sullivan, 19, said he had no complaints regarding the pricing. “I don’t have a problem swiping my card for it,” he said.

However, junior Ashley Ramirez, 21, said she felt students should not have been charged.

“I think that the event would’ve had a bigger turnout if maybe the event was free to students because it is like a sponsored university event,” said Ramirez, a communication arts major. “I just think that more people would have turned up if the food were like free.”

The people working at the event explained the money made at the barbecue went to the university and to Sodexo.

   “I think it was a great turnout. I think it varies depending on classes and timing, but

great turnout.” Limones said.  “This is a great campus, with great students. I’m just glad to be here and glad to be able to participate and be a part of it.”


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