And so it begins – my year leading the Logos

gaylebustamanteeditor1By Gayle Bustamante


It is with great certainty, if someone told that naïve new college student anxiously approaching her first class she would become the editor in two years, chances are she would have smirked out of disbelief.

Well, two years have passed and no pinch in the world is capable of snapping my senses into this unforeseen honor. I joined the Logos the summer prior to my first semester as a work-study hoping to gain experience and knowledge of the student newspaper. I solely longed for writing opportunities, but little did I know I was subconsciously climbing the Logos ladder and ended up sitting before the university’s publications board applying for editor last May — with tongue-tied responses and shaky knees all present, I may add.

Although the unexpected occurred, I feel I have learned and grown as a student, journalist and person, preparing myself to make the transition from mere work-study to editor-in-chief.

Ready or not, I promise to give it my all.

Anyone who knows me is aware of the passion I possess for what I do and the determination that accompanies me in all my endeavors. With my expected spring graduation date rapidly sneaking behind me, I know I only have one year to do this right. I’m hoping one year will be enough.

In my first formal address to the student body, I would like to welcome the new faces of the UIW community, the Class of 2016. Say goodbye to high school and saddle up, freshmen. Your journey has just begun.

I challenge you to take chances in the years ahead and never allow fear of failure to influence you. Never underestimate yourself, learn from your mistakes and enjoy this last phase in life before you step into the “real world.”

I would like to extend the same invitation to returning students, along with a good  “ ‘ol-fashion” welcome back!

Typically, I feel reluctant to return to school after summer, however, I have anticipated getting the 2012-13 school year started. It is with upmost confidence I will give this organization full loyalty and dedication in making this a fantastic year.

Firstly, I encourage all interested to take part and share their ideas concerning the Logos. Whatever your major might be, I extend the invitation to contribute your unique skills to this paper. This is the school’s newspaper, and I want to hear the student’s and faculty’s opinions and suggestions on how to make the Logos the best it can be. Please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail — — or drop by the office (AD 211). I am most interested in giving you, the student body, the most effective and interesting news most satisfying to you all.

Also, new students will not be the only ones becoming more involved in the UIW community. Convergence amongst the Logos, UIWtv and KUIW is on track in making all media outlets stronger at UIW. Furthermore, plan to see the Logos out in Marian Circle more often and on social networking sites more frequently. Also, in keeping up with evolving journalism, more construction is in the works for the Logos’ interactive site to adhere to modern technology. I am not oblivious to the fact how times have changed and as a newspaper delivering the latest news, we need to remain on top of our journalistic game.

Ultimately, my goal for this year is to be an editor my staff can turn to and trust. I want the Logos office to be a place the staff feels at ease. I also want to be a leader members feel comfortable around. All in all, I want to make this year most enjoyable for members of the Logos and my determination can go a long way.

I may not know what my future holds. I am not even certain where I will be this time next year. But I am confident of the pride I have for this new beginning and look forward to every hurdle and accomplishment in store.

Let’s make this a great year!

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