Alumnus’s view on past SGA ‘far from the truth’; blasts Logos.

By Denise D. Hernández

   First, I would like to say that I truly appreciate the hard work of the UIW Logos Staff. I understand that it is a hard task to create a university publication that pleases the masses. Unfortunately, I am writing you on grounds of disappointment and offense.

   Recently, I received notice about an article published by the Logos that personally attacked me as SGA President and attacked the officers who worked with me while I was in office. I do understand that the article was in the opinion section of the Logos; nonetheless, I believe that even opinion articles must accurately present quotes and information. It is unfortunate that there was a false representation of information and I am sad to say that many quotes within the article were taken out of context. While a personal attack may not have been the sole intent of the article, I believe I have reasonable justification to consider this article completely inappropriate. If the intent of the article was to promote the goals of the new SGA executive council that could have been met by publishing an article that revolved around those goals and did not include my name and my suggested flaws as a student leader. I recall an article that was published a year ago that promoted the goals of the new SGA officers without personally attacking individual SGA presidents from the past. I find it hard to believe that it was necessary to damage my reputation as a student leader simply to promote the new goals of the current SGA.

   I could understand this criticism if I were a prominent public figure of the community whose sole responsibility was to satisfy the masses, but I was simply a student who volunteered their time to be involved. In addition, I could understand if the information within the article was true, but I can honestly say the information was taken so far out of context that it was far from the truth and it is without a doubt that the article falsely represented me as a student leader. Therefore, I find the allowed publication of this article offensive because it personally attacks a former student leader; it falsely represents information, and maliciously attacks my “administration” to give light to the new “administration.” I strongly believe that this article could have been presented in a different way and I am saddened to see that the character of a past student leader was not taken into consideration before this article was published.

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